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the Glossary of terms: accident insurance
the What is accident insurance and why do we need them?

on The subject of accident insurance it is necessary to distinguish between statutory and private accident insurance: statutory accident insurance is part of the state social insurance. In General, the accident pension is too low, in order to secure a livelihood. Consumers can also select the financial consequences of an accident with a private accident insurance cover.

The statutory accident insurance is regulated in the social code book (SGB VII). She jumps a in the case of occupational Accidents, occupational diseases and Accidents on the way to school or on the way to and from work. In contrast, private accident insurance provides in case of an accident, the contractually agreed performance.

the The statutory accident insurance makes

The benefits of the statutory accident insurance Mainly consist of injury benefit or pension. Medical treatment, vocational assistance (vocational demanding Ma?took), and services for social Rehabilitation. Furthermore, the statutory accident insurance care pays the money, death benefit, orphan’s pension and survivor’s pension.

The statutory accident insurance protects workers, children in Kindergarten, pupils or students, trainees, and students. In addition, it provides a hedge for farmers, workers (unlike the case, civil or civil protection), blood or organ donor, financial aid, and carpooling (on the way to or from work, including necessary detours).

For officials is the accident care. Self-standing, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can voluntarily insure. In some cases, accident insurance is a compulsory insurance, for example, at the Hairdresser’s.

To secure the livelihood of the statutory accident insurance pension is often not sufficient. Add to that: most of The accidents happen in the home and in leisure time. In these cases, the statutory accident insurance does not occur.

the What is a private accident insurance?

Leads to an accident to pay permanent Invalidism, the private accident insurance, a one-time fixed amount and/ or a pension, depending on the agreement. Cause a exposure of au?be en. The insurer accept a high effort as a cause.

depends on Whether payments are to be made and how high they are, from the insured sum and the degree of Invalidism. Insurance policies can pensions or one-time payments. Important differences:



  • pension payments requires a high invalidism degree (often 50 percent).
  • the

  • once payments are made, if a low invalidism degrees. The percentage paid of the sum insured corresponding to the degree of Invalidism.

most of The insurers offer numerous additions, for example, in case of death protection, hospital daily cash and Convalescence benefits. Often be offered the services in the case of serious injuries, transition services as well as cosmetic surgery.

Description of the article: accident insurance accident pension from the statutory accident insurance is generally low, in order to secure a livelihood. Consumers should be secure the consequences of an accident with a private accident insurance.

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