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the accident insurance

The accident insurance pays a lump sum benefit and/or pension, if it comes in a result of an accident to a permanent Invalidism. Accident insurance is therefore an important and good protection when it comes to their own life circumstances to adapt to all of a sudden and unexpectedly entering restrictions. The payments of accident insurance can be used to house or car to rebuild disability or re — Training & rehabilitation costs to cover. Accident insurance is therefore very important.

Since the accident insurance does not offer protection against the consequences of serious illness, accident insurance is not a suitable substitute for other Income security, such as berufsunf ahigkeits or invalidity insurance. Because, in particular, for children income backups are only limited available, particularly for children, on accident insurance, affordable and comprehensive cover. For children a good accident insurance is essential.

The Performance of accident insurance policies is determined in addition to the sum insured, from the Progression, and the dismemberment schedule. The dismemberment schedule assigns each section of the body a percentage of the refund rate. The gro?draughty the dismemberment schedule is determined, this percentage refund rates, the higher the performance in the case of loss or invalidity of conditional restriction of the respective body portion (e.g., loss of the leg). The dismemberment schedule is therefore of particular importance in the case of accident insurance. In particular, professional images in specific body areas of special fine mechanical conditions depend (e.g. the Finger at the surgeon), should be considered a accident insurance with a specially adapted dismemberment schedule. The Progression of increases to the insured services, in particular in the case of severe invalidity actions. The higher the Progression, the strong, the performance increases with the Severity of the accident. With the help of a high Progression, in particular, severe accidents can be therefore inexpensive to insure. The most important Disclaimers in accident insurance relate to the risks, the dangers erhohende recreational & professional activities occur. So dive accidents, flight accidents, or accidents in the mountain are, for example, rise in the majority of cases not covered by this insurance. In the accident insurance, additional services can be co-insured. The most Important are:



  • benefits for accidental death
  • the

  • hospital daily cash and convalescence of money
  • the

  • services for cosmetic surgery
  • the

  • is a transition or emergency services

How important these benefits are, depends on the circumstances of the person’s Life and the expectation.

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