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car insurance switch

Every driver benotaken a car insurance. This is a legal requirement, and therefore a non-insured car can have serious consequences. However, the car insurance may take depending on the car model and insurance provider, a beträconsiderable part of the income. Therefore, it makes sense for a g-to look for inexpensive most offer.

The car insurance carries a großthere is potential for savings

When you purchase a new car, you typically perform a lot of things. Therefore, one hardly has time to look for a guother insurance. The first is to be offered. But this can be expensive. Because the rates of individual insurers kocan große differences. In the case of same performance, the offers have significant differences in price. Therefore, it’s always worth to compare the prices prior to the completion of the insurance. However, even if you have completed the contract and, in the case of the first account by a high price -will be surprised, you can switch the insurance, because the customer fur a certain period of time can withdraw from the contract for the . If this time lässt, unfortunately, up to the next Kundigung appointment wait. Also, when we compared the selection of insurance prices ausfudangerous, it is advisable to compare each year prior to the F-on the due date, the prices of the providers. Because often, the prices of the different insurers within a year of strong verächanges.

The law in osterreich, the car owner can complete in four different events, his insurance ku. To z-select a Prämienerhohung, a case of damage, a change of vehicle or a reguläre Kundigung, but only on a contractually specified date in the year can be made. As both a damage case, as well as a vehicle to change only rarely occur, the reguläre Kundigung, as well as the Kundigung, due to a Tariferhohung, h-common Grunde fur Kundigung. The reguläre Kundigung once in the year to Hauptf-on the due date spentuhrt. This is from contract to contract different, often however, it is the conclusion of the contract the following month first or the date of conclusion of the contract itself. If you want to end the insurance ku, you have to search therefore, first, the appointment of the Hauptf-the due date in the contract. The Kundigung must be at least a month prior to this date, been granted. A registered letter to do sour the best Moemergency. Also in the case of a Beitragserhohung, the customer has the right to the contract to k-complete. If the uber the Beitragserhoarrives hung, can you complete within one month of the contract ku.

The search for a new car insurance

If the insurer mochte, you should find also time for a new provider. A good time is about six weeks before the Hauptf-on the due date of the old insurance. So the customer has on the one hand, there is enough time for all the formalities-to do th. On the other side this time also ensures that the offerings are up to the insurance exchange still guvalid. Because if you obtain already far prior to the exchange date deals, kocan this still verächange. A particularly convenient method fur the search for a new insurance, the insurance comparison on the Internet. Here, the customer gets within a few seconds a comprehensive overview of uber the provider and can compare their prices quickly and easily.

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