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the cancellation of Car insurance for year

Car insurance expert is in the normal case, only to the end of a calendar year is possible. Most insurance contracts run for a whole year, the insurance runs from January to December of a given year. All insurance companies have a cancellation period of one month before the expiry of the calendar year. Thus, the 30. November date for cancellation of the Car insurance. The minimum period of a month is not met, the existing contract is extended by a further year, and is for the time being again in the next year kundbar. The exception is the au?extraordinary cancellation of Car insurance because of changes in the insurance conditions, the so-called special termination right.

the Car insurance properly informed

In the case of an insurance exchange is to note that the policyholder must be informed of the existing insurance self completely, this takes the new insurance. The Car insurance you should be informed some time before 30. November, in order to receive a timely confirmation, and a change to a new Car insurance initiate?en. The cancellation of the Car insurance must be made in writing and should be sent to the security by registered mail to the insurance company. Advice be but also by E-Mail or Fax will be accepted, in any case, you should insist on a confirmation for the receipt of a timely cancellation.

the A year of Car insurance experts

Under a term insurance refers to an insurance run for even a year, not the calendar year, is bound. For example, a sub-term Car insurance of April of this year, can run until March of next year. In the case of such insurance, the applicable one-month termination period applies, but can tolerate. A year’s Car insurance expert, therefore, is just as easy as the cancellation of a Car insurance that is tied to the calendar year. If you are uncertain of what insurance is currently in, helps the look in the insurance documents or call the insurance company. Insurance can also be an au?extremely with the help of the special termination right is to be denounced, for example, after a price increase. Information concerning the special termination right of the insurance are also in the terms and conditions, the attachments to the contract. Only after Submitting a cancellation or special termination should a new Car insurance contract is final?en.

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