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the Car insurance calculator: Car insurance compare online

when you have recently been with your car insurance? Many neglect neglect of this topic. When buying a car is haggling, fuel consumption and other cost factors. However, in the run-up to a decision to purchase the Car insurance calculator attack, only a Few come. So it sometimes comes to surprises, in the Form of unexpectedly high insurance contributions. And Auto-bargain-be quick to the cost factor. What is avoidable, because who uses early the Car insurance calculator, comparing makes, it can save money. Au?besides, he offers to Allow the vehicle to directly appropriate insurance.

the As the car itself made an impact on my insurance premium picks

Numerous factors flie?en when Calculating Car insurance policies.



  • driver’s / operator: In the first line is the driving experience, which is reflected in the damage freedom class, to be relevant. But also information such as place of residence ( regional class ), age, occupational status, etc. can be queried in the Car insurance calculator.
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  • coverage: For older vehicles seems to be a compulsory TPL motor insurance, maybe sufficient. The more high the value of the vehicle, the more part win comprehensive insurance and full comprehensive insurance to relevance. Added to this are additional services such as cover letter, Mallorca Police, or occupant accident insurance. One thing is clear: the more power is desired, the more expensive your future Car-insurance.
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  • vehicle: model (types class) as well as the time value of nature is important for calculation criteria. Therefore, our insurance calculator Car begins to ask for information on the insured Car.

The types of class is essential, is the year calculated from available damage statistics. Because of you, it may be that a Car is unexpectedly, insure expensive. You decide, for example, for a model which drivers for young car gro?he enjoys popularity, you have to expect correspondingly less favorable classification. Because young drivers to build more accidents than older. In return, the typical «pensioners car» a more types of class. Here is our insurance comparison, what are the insurance costs for the desired vehicle.

the liability, partially comprehensive insurance, fully comprehensive insurance – what do I really need?
Small guide for the a quick comparison using the Car insurance calculator

For new cars, no question as to the need for a fully comprehensive. This power (with included replacement value compensation) is mandatory.

In the case of used cars this is different, here many policyholders are unsure of how you even still need fully comprehensive insurance. Also non-binding Car insurance calculator offer no clear answer. Simply because this point is a matter of discretion. A question you should ask yourself: If I drive my car to scrap, I can cope with a financial loss, I replace enough money for damage out of your own pocket? The more painful the loss is, from a financial point of view, the more comprehensive protection important. Also for used cars was allowed to be with a lower value of this insurance protection considerably more favorable than for a new car. Therefore, our tip is: make using our Car insurance calculator is simply a calculation including this protection. In order to see what he hit to beech.

in Addition to Vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance for each Car insurance, logically also in the Car insurance calculator additional options. You make a Tariff more expensive and, therefore, each carefully decide to what extent should individual services be really useful. Some are automatically in some Tariffs, included. In the Following, we explain the most important terms in Short. In order to come to the Study of the question of insurance offers clues.



  • auto protection letter: in combination with many Insurance plans available, or in the Form of a membership in the automobile club, for example the ADAC. Depending on usage comfort services are important: for example, if a breakdown is to grab the help in Germany, as in other European countries.
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  • discount protection: a Minimum of 1 accident in a year is «free». Means that your damage freedom class will not be downgraded in the event of damage. Only from a defined SF class. For very experienced drivers (SF-25) in the case of some Tariffs, a discount Savior free included.
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  • replacement value compensation: relevant for new vehicles. In a by the insurer defined period of time, the replacement value will be reimbursed.
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  • waiver of Gross negligence: auto insurers waive performance reductions, in the case of gross negligence of the policyholder. Except for the theft of non-sealed vehicles or damage under alcohol or drug influence.
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  • personal accident insurance: no relevant additional insurance, as damage to the welded layer to the experts, are already covered, uber has other insurance (liability, medical).
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  • damage caused by Wild animals / raccoon damage: During the normal part of hull damage in a Collision? with hair wild can cover in this tariff extension accidents to be insured for all possible animals. Depending on the Region, an additional assurance of marten damage sense. Here, you should make sure that also result are included in the damage.
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  • Mallorca Police: An extension of the motor Vehicle liability insurance, which is not related to the own vehicle, but on car rental in the European countries. In some countries statutory minimum coverage amounts are set quite low, they are expanded by means of a Majorca Police package.

TIP: In our Car insurance calculator can be queried in the first step, only the most important services, and fare options. In the comparison result is a Button «Filter and downsampling can be found at the top right». Here, additional fare may added benefits such as protection letter, Mallorca Police, or raccoon damage, the comparison will be more individualized.

the to compare With our insurance calculator Car rates easy save

Now, we have engaged us with book services, we come now to the possibilities for how you can save money without having to take on relevant insurance protection without. Of course always should be considered jointly what services are really useful. The Compare by means of the insurance calculator-Car also offers the Chance to uberdenken his previous scope of work. You will also can your Car insurance be quite auspicious.


  1. workshop binding: to save those Who can be omitted in the case of damage to the free choice of Workshop executable. For a deep discount to let himself out of his Car insurance require, in the garage where his vehicle is repaired. Caution: in rural areas in the run-up to inform how far to the next partner workshop is located. In the case of financed / leased vehicles, this Option default?ig in the Leasing / financing contracts shall be excluded.
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  3. payment method: annual payment of your insurance premium via Bank transfer is optimal. Everything else will be considered at a premium.
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  5. self-involvement: Separately for partial cover and fully comprehensive user selectable, what their costs will be reduced significantly. Tip: The result from Car insurance calculator re-calculate optional deductible vary to see how this affects your total cost.
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  7. damage freedom class: driving beginners are sometimes shocked quite, calculate using an auto insurance calculator for the first time, a bonus. The young age as well as the unfavorable initial classification of the damage freedom class. An often practiced method to Save money: The car is registered on a family member (e.g. parent), driving beginners only driver listed. This legal Trick can make your car insurance perceptibly stronger.
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  9. second car: Works similar to the above principle: By means of the Car insurance calculator examine the extent to which leave insure the second car is cheaper, is given a other vehicle owner. Also all other information of a vehicle, the truth must be adapted faithfully and, if necessary, additional drivers will be listed.
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  11. mileage: not specified year driving performance and, if applicable, at the current night Tolerated protrude. Especially if the car as a second / only occasionally used, you may come to the enjoyment of the little driver tariff. This takes, according to the insurance company at less than 5,000 to 8,000 kilometres per year, are deposited in the insurance comparison for car insurance.

Cheap Car insurance: which computer is better?

in the Internet There are some offers free Car insurance calculator. Actually, we thought to find here a suitable Test of Stiftung Warentest. We can only assume that this is based in their own (paid-for) offered by the Institute. So we have occupied ourselves with the different comparison calculator, these are tested extensively. In our judgment, the car insurance calculator of Check24 has the nose in front. Simple operation, favorable rates, good comparison of individual offers, a wealth of valuable information in the results and tariff details, simple Change — these points have convinced us. So that we since 2013 to offer our visitors with this insurance calculator for Car insurance. In addition, we offer on kfzrechner-24.de information and News, a guide to the comparison and the Switch. All the necessary information, answers to frequently asked questions around the change, knowledgeable and to the Use of the Car insurance comparison.

A note on privacy: in the insurance comparison personal information via SSL-encryption transfer.

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