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the Bed-needs of Senior citizens

The Bed-needs -is more senior, and julong-term people do not differ in principle — in Detail, however, significantly.

differences in the type and Häfrequency of entertainment, in the planning of your holiday, in the residential situation, the speed of life and in partnerships augenf-completely. The whole wtosimilar daily fur people in advanced age fraught with more hazards than is generally believed. Especially when the kophysical constitutions t-must pay aligned with OJ-check tribute the eyesight, improve sexual functionogen nakhlässt, the coordination of the limbs not more so, of course, it’works. such as at a young age — then Unfälle in the household or in the Straßtraffic are often the result. Such an accident fur -to process older people r young people, fu. The time of suffering and convalescence takes a critical länger, of the stay in a hospital and the resulting lack of exercise let the Dilemma increase.

the accident insurance fur äolder people make sense?

In such situations can take the life a new twist. Also, anyone who has a functioning family and an active life, lives, should, accident insurance, specially fur seniors in. In addition to the «supposed financial benefits, the insurer specifically fur äolder people services, the t-facilitate daily life. These services gooren bring services, financial aid, and the transport locking fur rehab-Maß. A significant advantage of the accident insurance fur the elderly is that this special assistance be immediately provided, wäduring the statutory care insurance provides these services only when the assistance in everyday life must also be half a year after the accident. A further Form of the fur the «older Generation of customized performance of the senior loan. This credit berutaken into account, in particular Maße, the special circumstances of pensioners and the retired.

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