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the accident insurance cancellation letter

usually, insurance companies properly.Hei wants?the contracts have so-called termination clauses, in which the duration of the contract is held. According to the latest European case law, this may not ubersteigen the maximum allowable period of three years. The conclusion of the contract, the contractor may, for the first time after three years of properly and in time informed the accident insurance. Many insurers have but also about significantly shorter contract periods, typically one year. Here can be denounced observing a three-month period to the end of the contract term. This means that when the contract was completed on 1.1.2013 he can be from the completion date of the deadline until the 31.9.2013 in writing with effect as of 31.12.2013 quit.

Au?extraordinary Begrundungen

Au?extraordinary Termination, the reasons for a contract of insurance there is. If the insurer intent does not fulfill his obligation, so the evidence had to be regulated of which were created by him, the policyholder has a claim to an au?extraordinary termination. Prerequisite properly?e message of the damage and the appropriate period for the insurer to regulate. After warning without response, the cancellation is then possible.

Also in the case of a claim settlement and then?the final increase of the insurance contribution or risk premium, where the policyholder with the au?extreme termination of his contract. In the reverse case, the insurer the contract may, without notice to au?extremely knowledgeable, if the policyholder intent to have made false statements in the contract. For this it is sufficient, for example, in the case of accident insurance to have inaccurate descriptions of state of health, occupation or age. Also changes of this Parameter are immediately admit someone to the accident insurance.

written form, and mail delivery is advisable.

The termination is usually only in written form right and best by registered letter with ruck slip shipping. This can be proven in retrospect in the case of ambiguities, the Writing was on the insurer to dispatch and there also will be accepted. Also Contractual changes in General insurance provisions is permissible. So you can also be Informed by e-mail or Fax by the insurer as legally permissible to be declared. Here’s the proof, however, is much more difficult. As in the case of a legal dispute the termination, the burden of proof on the part of the policyholder, he must therefore prove that the is received by the cancellation deadline of the insurer, should in principle be preferred for the post.

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