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car insurance in osterreich

Meanwhile, there are in osterreich is already almost six million registered motor vehicles and motor Vehicle liability insurance fur each vehicle compulsory insurance, for this purpose, z-miss the car more than four million People. With the help of the Car insurance kocan begrufriends Ersatzanspruche is to be compensated, which are caused to a third party, for example, as a result of a traffic accident. Furthermore, Sch&mdash to be regulated;the insurance company, which has been caused by the policyholder. Background in addition, each policyholder in choosing the right Car insurance should be the relevant rates, and the Mopossibilities to each other to

The so-called third party insurance legislation fur vehicles in the European Union großto a large extent uniform, however, the H&ouml differ;chstgrenzen of the sum insured in the individual EU countries vary considerably. In any case, the Minimum amount of the insurance sum in the past few years&ndash has changed;. This sum was just a few years ago with three million euros, so beträgt, the minimum sum is currently seven million euros. In this sum one Million euros fur the appropriate property damage-the planned, and six million Euro is attributable to resulting Personensch-.

background in addition, there are also insurance companies, which also work with hoheren sums of Damage, and a completion of a Car insurance with a sum insured of tens of millions of euros is quite conceivable. In contrast to the corresponding insurance sums, the average tats-the human Schadenshohen is very low and it is not uncommon at about 3,000 euros, j’year. Nevertheless, the high damage is justified, because the consequences of a traffic accident kocan, under the circumstances-the Fahrzeugfuhrer in the economic Ruin fuhren. Due to the very high traffic volumes and heavy vehicles can achieve a serious accident, the upper limit of the insurance. In principle, the insurance companies to come up to the sum insured in full Hohe, goes beyond the damage, however, uber this limit, the policyholder with his Privatvermomust adhere to gen. Thus, the completion of a high amount of insurance is worth it, especially since the differences in the Beiträgen are rather low.

Who is insured with a Car insurance?

In every motor Vehicle liability insurance is insured in any case, the Eigentumer, the holder and the current driver of the vehicle, but also the occupant or a Person who commits, to benefit from the insurance.

What Schadensfälle are covered?

Caused by the policyholder, with his vehicle, damage to other persons, vehicles, or objects, then this Sch-by the respective insurance company, up to the contractually agreed insurance sum -to take effect. If it is required, then -accepts the respective insurance the costs, which arise due to unjustified claims against the policyholder. In this case, the insurance &mdash acts;as a private liability insurance, and even if the case of a dispute, the conclusion must be negotiated similar to finally in court. Also Personensch-the which caused the car to people, to be paid by the insurer. The same also fur Schäthe Gepäck, and the clothing of the occupants.

What Schadensf-are not covered lle?

as soon As Schäincur to your own vehicle or objects-nd befobe supported, not the Car insurance protection. Furthermore, due to an accident Personensch&mdash caused;the driver or a necessary defence in criminal proceedings are not covered by this insurance.

A classification of the vehicles is carried out in the so-called Bonus-Malus-System.

for several years, the motor Vehicle liability insurance in accordance with the so-called Bonus-Malus-System to be classified, which is a very logical System and which establishes the appropriate insurance Beiträge to the Hohe. In General, the Versicherungspr-mien by the policyholder are paid on a monthly basis. This means that the System fur has the policyholder has two sides, the positive Bonus side and the negative Malus page. The insurance companies -monitor fur a period of mopossible Sch-and if there is no Sch-are reported, then the policyholder will be downgraded one level down. The policyholder caused a damage, then he is downgraded three levels up and the Prämie is accordingly more expensive.

background in addition, fällt, the policyholder, jäannually to a stage when no damage occurred. So who uber a long time accident-free traffic on-the-go, vergusupports in this way his Car insurance Beiträge. A new entry in this System starts with the level 9, which at the same time the most expensive Versicherungspr-mie. Furthermore, the engine power of the vehicle is taken.

Who pays to pay for the damages yourself, you can avoid this is also a Gradation. The sale or deregistration of the vehicle does not mean, however, that a possibly unwanted System-level is stored, because with the purchase of another vehicle within a year, behält the previous level G-which is applicable. Sold a vehicle within the family or the household, then -accepts the K-the banks, the previous stage of the VerkäUfer.

Who killed so for a Car insurance final’s moshould &ndash negotiate on the Prämienstufe, because the purchase of a new car must not inevitably ensues-often mean that the vehicle is classified in stage 9, if the policyholder was previously written with another vehicle in a lower level.

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