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no Matter whether they are salaried or Self-is constant — the working power of the most important capital. An accident before can-temporarily or permanent Einkommenseinbuße result of the fur the Affected and his family is the existence in question, kocan.

the risk of an accident almost anywhere and it can affect anyone — be it at work, in the Straßtraffic, on vacation, playing sports or even at home.

J-a year, around 6.5 million suffer Bundesburger smaller and großere Unfälle.

Approximately 200,000 of these Unfälle fuhren to Arbeitsunf-ability. Of the 6.5 million Unfällen, only 0.5 million, Unfälle in the area of Straßtraffic, f-that would incorrectly suggest fur the unfalltr-the most powerful hält. In contrast, ndash are located &on the H-half of the Unfälle in the leisure and household area, where there is no legal protection such as at work or in school. (In the case of Schulearning and young people there are in the household and the leisure sector, even -about two-thirds of the Fälle)

out of these Grund have decided already -about 40% of all Bundesb-citizens to take out private accident insurance. An accident insurance comparison can provide you the right accident insurance f-to find r. The comparison help you uber the fare and check information and contribution information directly online to the appropriate accident insurance fur you will find.

The accident insurance applies fur Unfälle in the whole world, and — unless otherwise agreed — around-the-clock fur Unfälle in the job and in leisure time.

The accident insurance offers insurance protection against the consequences of Unfällen as Invalidit’t. challenge Prejudice-authorization of the Arbeitsf-the ability of death and hospital stay.

the consequences of This accident, the financial impact; they are fixed by the performance of a accident insurance or mitigated.

As an accident refers to a plouseful of außen Kothe body of the Insured event, whereby he suffers involuntarily, a health threatening-ending.

Unfällen are equivalent:

sprains, strains and Tear at limb’s and the vertebraäule, caused by the effort of the Insured;

wound infection is reached in which the Contamination due to an accident-violation in the Kobody.

In General, the following services -about an accident insurance policy secure:


due to accident, permanent Impairment-authorization from the kophysical or mental Efficiency&capacity is being provided in a single lump sum (with the exception of The Insured has already reached the age of 65. In this case, a pension is provided for payment). The Hohe, the performance depends on the agreed insurance sum and on the degree of Invalidit&t.

the case of death, performance

Fuhrt the accident within one year of the death claim on performance according to the agreed death sum. (Note: in The case of death, performance erfullt is a further function. A Invalidit&mdash is already a short time after an accident;t is foreseeable, the insurer provides in the agreed case of death, performance of a pre-payment.)

hospital daily benefit

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