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the accident insurance — personal accident insurance compare

A private accident insurance offer financial protection for you and your family are protected against the financial consequences of an accident. An accident insurance can prevent natural, no accidents. Correctly and dimensioned to have private accident insurance can protect selected but at least the financial consequences of the accident-related Invalidity. The following accident insurance comparison you should use, therefore, necessarily the for to find effective accident insurance.

the Private accident insurance comparison

At about eight million Accidents occur in the course of a year in Germany, a Private accident insurance. You heard none of the statutory accident insurance, should accident, in any case, a Private insurance final?en.

are So secured by law, for example, only children in Kindergarten or students of the University against the risks of an accident. Also Schuler while insured for your school visit, or apprentices, legally Accident. This accident insurance, but only in power, when time and place meet the conditions of insurance. Accident insurance is mainly for household tatige and small children, if you do not visit a Kindergarten, is important. In each of these risk groups, there is no legal accident insurance.

happen According to statistics from the Federal Institute for labour protection, around 60 % of all accidents in the leisure time. Therefore, a Private accident insurance is recommended also for children, students, Berufstatige warmstens. Berufstatige are covered by an occupational inability insurance, but in the case of certain risks to the Private accident insurance, additional protection. For example, could be due to a pre-existing condition or a high occupational accident risk, no occupational inability insurance is protected, the Affected by the Private accident insurance.

The insurance companies define an accident with the following wording:“If the Insured by a suddenly of an au?on the body acting event suffers involuntarily, a health damage“. A performance of the accident insurance provides, however, only if there is a permanent physical impairments Chapter. In contrast to the statutory accident insurance are provided from the lowest invalidism degree services. There are also well-defined criteria for exclusion, which the insurance does not cover damage.

This is the case for example in the case of self-mute, frostbite, poisoning, emotional disorders, and in the case of a hernia, by the Lifting of heavy loads was drawn. For children provides, in addition to a private accident policy with additional invalidity insurance. Thus, the consequences of which are secured far-reaching diseases, either as a single lump sum or in the Form of a lifelong pension. For young people accident and pension insurance, as additional insurance is advisable. In the case of permanent Invalidity of over 50 percent, you will pay a monthly pension. And this to the end-of-life.

The Private accident insurance can be completed with some additional options. For example, with a Progression in gro?eren invalidism degrees, or with an improved dismemberment schedule. A Private accident insurance is also offered with a contribution refund. As additional options of accident insurance, a hospital can money, or the cost of acquisition in the case of recovery costs. Cosmetic surgery or a kurkosten allowance are also insurable. In the case of the use of public transport can be insured in the Private accident insurance is the so-called Okoleistung.

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