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the What is accident insurance? What fghigkeit?

a Private Pension today retirement is important to fьr the theoretical case of an emergency. In the meantime, there are many different insurance companies, which cover all the different areas.

The berufsun fghigkeit insurance and accident insurance ьberlappen at least some of the edge points.

the accident insurance

The goal of an accident insurance is after an accident the health of the Insured. This may be different Unfglle both in the private as well as in the professional environment. The health of the Insured to produce again, be ьbernommen different costs. The services of the accident insurance relate to in this sense, hauptsgchliche the Ьbernahme of cost fьr medical and other berufsfцrdernde services for the Rehabilitation of the Insured is necessary. Also, wage rate and entschg terminal services gewghrleistet in the Form of money payments by a personal accident insurance. In General, a high Invaliditgtssumme is offered within a accident insurance. This is to Finance one-time costs such as a house reconstruction, but also the ongoing costs such as maintenance services.

the The berufsun fghigkeit insurance

The benefits of a berufsun fghigkeit insurance, go on a step. It covers all diseases or Unfgllen devoted injuries, the fьhren to a permanent berufsun fghigkeit. At the conclusion of the insurance is set by the policyholder on a monthly «pension» due to him in the case of the berufsun fghigkeit as the monthly payment of the insurance to the Reach of the pre-defined Hцchstalters.

The berufsun fghigkeit insurance comparison is doubly important: do not pay much too high a Beitrgge fьr a performance is too low and to secure good conditions to keep in the event of a berufsun fghigkeit in front of the social and financial decline.

the berufsun fghigkeit insurance and accident insurance compared

compared to The accident insurance, the berufsun fghigkeit insurance pays up to the retirement age to arrive unabhgngig of which time the berufsun fghigkeit. Since the monthly payments kцnnen be determined at the time of conclusion of the insurance itself, you are in the end usually significantly hцher as the time-limited payments to the accident insurance. Together, accident insurance, term life insurance and berufsun fghigkeit insurance a good geschnьrtes insurance package may cover, in cooperation with the health insurance all mцglichen consequences of an accident, and so their own future is also in serious financial hgndelbar.

the offer is comparison fьr accident insurance, as well as the berufsun fghigkeit insurance is important.

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