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the ?Which are the policies of active employment?

These are the various questions to try and understand that they are employment policies:

?That are employment policies? There are two types: active and passive. These last are mainly the payment of subsidies to the unemployed, which have not been transferred to the Basque Country or any other runtime, but we also are a reivindicacion historica del PNV.

?They consist of the policies active? Are on all of the courses of training for the unemployed and the intermediacion in the labour market, that is to say, collect job offers and to cross them with the demands. It also includes the training continued.

The policies are active and are transferred to the rest of the autonomous communities, and the Basque Country, next to Ceuta and Melilla, were the only autonomias that should receive this material.

it Is assumed that the transfer to the Basque country will allow a better management, for example, adapting the workshops to a economia industrial as the basque, who is always in need of more specialized labor, such as welders.

?Who is going to manage? Until now, managed by the INEM, which he spent in the basque Country approximately 300 million euros. Or is, is going to change the management, but the greater part of that amount on political active as they spent in the Basque country and, therefore, it is not new money.

Now, these policies are the will manage a new ente vasco called Lanbide. Will take care of the 31 employment offices of INEM and some more that already existed, created by the basque Government, so that you will have about forty offices and more than 500 people working.

?By that the transfer has been located at 472 million? To the policies of active employment -something more than 300 million — has been added to the transfer of the bonuses that benefit the companies for hire, to which is added the ability of PNV to achieve a rating at the rise of these two issues.

This competition does not have any other autonomous community, and in fact the transfer of bonuses to the hiring has caused criticism in the sense that romperia the box only of the Social Security. The Government and the PNV argued that it is not so because these bonuses are handled by the Ministry of Labour, not the Social Security.

Description of the article: inem demand for employment ?Which are the policies of active employment? Behind this name, which has become present, its transfer to the Basque country after the agreement between the central Government and the PNV, are the courses of training to the unemployed and mediation to find employment, that is to say, the offers and demands of work and try to make them fit. political,active,employment

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