Місто Рованіємі у Фінляндії, Рованіємі на карті Фінляндія, карта міста Рованіємі



Breathtaking LANDSCAPE.

Discover the mysterious country in the Horn of Africa! Let Awura Tours be your experienced local guide. Together we’ll identify your areas of interests and develop the perfect itinerary tailored to your desires and considerations. We want you to feel comfortable with us, enjoy your holiday and return home enriched with unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. Discover the possibilities throughout our website! Get inspired by Ethiopia! Travel through a fascinating country with ancient cultural treasures and enduring traditions.

Follow caravans of camels on the ancient trade routes … eavesdrop on the medieval chants of the dancing priests in the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela … admire the young men of the Hamer tribe during their traditional bull-jumping ceremony … climb the volcano with the world’s only permanent lava lake … explore the idyllic monastery islands of the Lake Tana by boat … dig for salt at the lowest point of elevation in Africa … observe wildlife in the many national parks and protected areas, and enjoy the the world’s best coffee in 13 months of sunshine!

Ethiopia is incredibly beautiful, diverse and full of contrasts. A glorious, 2000-year old cultural history shapes this country, which still rests firmly on the pillars of the Christian-Orthodox faith, with its practices preserved over millennia.

But not only Orthodox Christians inhabit the country. In the arid lowlands, nomadic Muslims migrate with their herds in search of lands to graze. These nomads preserve an ancient way of life, untouched by modern influences. This native lifestyle, so applies to the numerous tribes of the south who, in total isolation, adhere to the beliefs of their ancestors and live according to ancient traditions and rituals – all while the capital city of Addis Ababa is pulsating with modern life.

The landscape of Ethiopia is as varied as its inhabitants. The fertile plateau which covers most of the country is typical for Ethiopia and not so very African. Steep mountain ranges rise up, intersected by deep valleys. Here lies the Great Rift Valley and the other face of Ethiopia: grasslands, African lakes, savannah and vast desert. Lush vegetation aplenty characterizes the East with subtropical rainforests and jungle.

It’s a multifaceted country with an experience for every traveller. The only the challenge is having to choose amongst the many options. Can’t decide between exploring the famous monuments in the north or discovering the diverse cultures of the south? Just ask us. At Awura Tours we’re happy to help. Together we’ll turn your travel dreams into reality. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some useful information, travel tips and suggested itineraries, which can all be found on the next web pages.

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