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the accident insurance-dynamics

As with many insurance policies there are, of course, also in the case of accident insurance, the possibility of insurance benefits automatically each year to the top. For this purpose the insurance broker to agree on a common dynamics.

The dynamics can either be in the Form of a year by a certain percentage-increasing contribution, or the annual adjustment to the insurance benefit by a certain percentage complete.

For the layman, not like both sound the same, but it is not. You agree, for example, a contribution of dynamics to 5 %, do not increase their contributions year after year (to the extent that they contradict) to this percentage. The hei?t but not that the entire power package is increased to 5 %. So you pay in Relation to a smaller increase in performance higher contributions.

Alternatively, you can often complete a performance-based dynamics. In the case, for example, the benefits were to rise by 5%, the contributions but just by a little more than 5 %.

to not recommend dynamics of the accident insurance

The above connection is also the reason not to recommend why any kind of dynamics in the case of accident insurance. You simply pay more than they get for it. In the case of some insurance products, that may make more or less sense. In the case of accident insurance, it makes no sense.

This is simply the fact that the costs of accident insurance are uberschaubar and only due to, for example, age and state of health coupled. The hei?t in the clear text, you can cancel your existing accident insurance at any time and a new, more and bedarfgsgerechtere final?en.

you befurchten must in the normal case, no disadvantages, as it could be, for example, when changing the health insurance to be the case.

the accident insurance to the needs customize

so It is more reasonable and works out cheaper to adapt its accident insurance to the today’s needs and in the case of significant changes a new contract to be concluded?en. A dynamic is in the case of accident insurance does not make sense. In the insurance tips recommended accident insurance of Asstel, there are sensible and fair way to arrange no possibility online such unnecessary momentum.

What is the insurance coverage for your individual needs is appropriate, is calculated on the Basis of their age and in consideration of your insurance needs.

According to a rule of thumb, the Versicherungssume (according to age)



  • in 30 years, six times,
  • the

  • in 40 years, the funffache
  • the

  • 50 years of the four-fold

gross annual income.

If you are 30 years old and 30,000 euros gross earning, an insurance sum of EUR 180,000 Is now, but, for example, a powerful occupational inability insurance, it makes little sense twice and expensive uberzuversichern.

In this case, can be reduced, the sum insured is then significantly reduced and a higher Progression (350-500%). Such a progressive accident insurance can then also in the case of only 60,000 euros insured sum in a cost-intensive the case of a serious or a full-invalidism the same services to offer, such as a linear accident insurance with a high insurance sum./p>

The progressive casualty insurance but have significantly more favorable to meet the hedging aspect in the case of serious accident damage, but just as good, if not better.

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