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the insurance calculator for accident insurance
the The private and statutory accident insurance in Austria

accident insurance in Austria belong to a fixed and necessary part of the Pension for each Burger.

The Gro?part of the working population of the Easter Kingdom of ends has a claim entitled to statutory accident insurance — or even a co-insurance. Their services form to regulate the basis of accident events financially. You can, however, be taken only if on the way to work — or training event accident statte damage occurs. Recipients of the statutory accident insurance are workers and employees, self-experts, schoolchildren and students.

These two possibilities can not, however, the non-work-active persons, such as Housewives, the pension recipients and children who have not reached kindergarten age and school age yet, so. You are not assured .

to be able to

a near-optimal accident insurance, many private insurers use their extensive services. For playing Insured in the statutory accident, so-called complementary personal accident insurance, an increasingly large?EUA role. All private accident insurance on a voluntary Basis in the offer. Before each conclusion of the contract of the previous comparison and expert advice — the indispensable Basis for a sound contractual relationship.

due To the diversified provider of private accident insurance benefits, you should get involved with a reasonable period of time on an in-depth, personal advice to make the best and financially most acceptable insurance policy. Questions are answered inadequately, or you dodged, so distance is. Private accident insurance policies are in your price — services of a proper examination. Here, too, is to disconnect with caution before chaff from the wheat. This is especially true in the case of the coverage of the statutory and private accident insurance in Austria.

the coverage of private and statutory accident insurance

The legal cover, as a compulsory insurance. is relatively secured transparent. Accident events are to bring the with the exercise of the profession in the specific context in high-Ma?e of the accident welded damaged regulated. Otherwise it looks in the provision of benefits in case of Accidents, which are contractually regulate by private insurance carriers. The coverage amount should be recognized in the selection of private services as the most important criterion. There’s a lot of damage by a statutory accident insurance not cover. This includes the entire recreation area.

The statistics show the accidents to happen about 70% in the leisure. Not only in sports but also in the home, on the street?e, when you get of things of one’s own needs, in the pursuit of a hobby and much more of the personal accident insurance comes in. The amount covered by a private accident insurance is the maximum amount to be paid in case of damage. The financial loss of Income is offset by the amount of coverage. As the policyholder, in particular, the area of the Invalidism and professional inability important.

In the case of a permanent work inability resulting from a leisure accident, can be fast the whole of existence is threatened. Here it is advisable to ensure the appropriate amount of coverage against a long-term economic problem situation. The age and the year of income in gross ma?relevant for the choice of the oprimalen insurance sum. At a young age, for example, of a three?ig Year will be the amount of coverage of the six times the amount of his annual income, with forty years of the Funffache and fifty years, four times.

The amount of coverage for accident insurance is particularly important in the case of schranktem capital, i.e. the Insured person is instructed in the case of damage absolutely. To take into account, is it that the nationals have a possible claim on the insurance. He is a single earner the cover is also to take account of the specific.

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the accident insurance: hedged Private better

anyone Who believes that the statutory accident protection, and -attacking everywhere, you are wrong. A private accident insurance belongs to the most important insurance policies. It provides protection against far-reaching financial consequences, for example, in the case of Invalidit’t an accident. Our comparison helps you make the fur you will find a suitable policy.

the Why you need accident insurance?

According to statistics, every four seconds is happening in Germany is an accident. Ьber 70 percent of these Unfglle not going to happen in the REC, so then, if a statutory insurance, the protection applies. A private accident insurance offers insurance protection against the financial consequences, can bring a Invaliditgt after an accident.

the when does the personal accident insurance?

Stьrzt a house wife cleaning the Windows of the head, verbrьht a child in the Kьche or slips a pensioner on the stairs — all of which are Unfglle, the consequences of which are not covered by the statutory insurance. Here, the personal accident insurance comes in.

the when to apply the statutory accident insurance?

people who are in fixed employment verhgltnis, children in Kindergarten or Schьler and students in schools and universities — all of them are automatically insured in statutory accident insurance. The contribution to the statutory insurance ьbernehmen for example, schools, colleges, and employers.

the accident: Pay policies fьr children?

experts hold fьr дuЯerst useful. Because: children have neither a claim to a statutory retirement, yet you kцnnen be ьber a berufsun fghigkeit insurance. A private accident insurance is the only Mцglichkeit, children and their parents against the financial consequences of a Invaliditgt after an accident. The cost of the care, rehabilitation MaЯnahmen and possibly tags in the house caused kцnnten, are usually дuЯerst high and kцnnen a family in groЯe financial difficulties.

the In which Fgllen the insurer?

a Occurs conditional within one year after the accident, an accident, permanent kцrperliche or mental Beeintrgchtigung and this is found to spgtestens 15 months by a physician, the insurer will pay a capital-ending.
the when to not pay the personal accident insurance?

The private accident insurance covers any financial Schgden, the Insured, if you do not kцnnen ausьben after an accident, your profession. Also Invaliditgt that arises after an illness or, for example, after a stroke, is not in the insurance protection included. in the case of statutory insurance, this is not the case.

As a rule of thumb fьr the determination of the correct amount of insurance: The monthly demand x 400 = Vollinvaliditgtsentschgdigung. It has a geschgtzten monthly demand of 1,000 euros, you should schedule a Invaliditgtsentschgdigung of at least 400,000 euros in a private accident insurance.

In hцherer Invaliditgt the insurer provides hцhere services. In the case of a Vollinvaliditgt ngmlich not 100 percent but, for example, 225% of basic sum insured. There are also graduations of 300, 350 and 500 percent. The costs natьrlich a correspondingly high premium on the Grundprgmie of private accident insurance.

The degree of Invaliditgt is the most Unfgllen the Invaliditgt behind, Zero to 25 percent. In this area, the progression rates are, however, no improvement in their performance.

As an Alternative or addition to the unique Invaliditgtsleistung you can arrange for some accident insurance but also a life-long monthly pension annuity. This is usually paid out only after a Invaliditgtsgrad of at least 50 percent, but then in the full agreed Hцhe.

Mьssen be given at the conclusion of an accident insurance pre-existing conditions?

pre-existing conditions, long-term behandlungsbedьrftige diseases and disorders that affect the head or neurology, mьssen wahrheitsgemдЯ and vollstgndig be specified. You Lьgt here, or conceals Essential, can zurьcktreten the insurer of the accident insurance spgter from the contract.

Dies the insured Person within one year from the consequences of the accident, the insurer will pay the hierfьr agreed sum.

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