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the What is accident insurance? What fghigkeit?

a Private Pension today retirement is important to fьr the theoretical case of an emergency. In the meantime, there are many different insurance companies, which cover all the different areas.

The berufsun fghigkeit insurance and accident insurance ьberlappen at least some of the edge points.

the accident insurance

The goal of an accident insurance is after an accident the health of the Insured. This may be different Unfglle both in the private as well as in the professional environment. The health of the Insured to produce again, be ьbernommen different costs. The services of the accident insurance relate to in this sense, hauptsgchliche the Ьbernahme of cost fьr medical and other berufsfцrdernde services for the Rehabilitation of the Insured is necessary. Also, wage rate and entschg terminal services gewghrleistet in the Form of money payments by a personal accident insurance. In General, a high Invaliditgtssumme is offered within a accident insurance. This is to Finance one-time costs such as a house reconstruction, but also the ongoing costs such as maintenance services.

the The berufsun fghigkeit insurance

The benefits of a berufsun fghigkeit insurance, go on a step. It covers all diseases or Unfgllen devoted injuries, the fьhren to a permanent berufsun fghigkeit. At the conclusion of the insurance is set by the policyholder on a monthly «pension» due to him in the case of the berufsun fghigkeit as the monthly payment of the insurance to the Reach of the pre-defined Hцchstalters.

The berufsun fghigkeit insurance comparison is doubly important: do not pay much too high a Beitrgge fьr a performance is too low and to secure good conditions to keep in the event of a berufsun fghigkeit in front of the social and financial decline.

the berufsun fghigkeit insurance and accident insurance compared

compared to The accident insurance, the berufsun fghigkeit insurance pays up to the retirement age to arrive unabhgngig of which time the berufsun fghigkeit. Since the monthly payments kцnnen be determined at the time of conclusion of the insurance itself, you are in the end usually significantly hцher as the time-limited payments to the accident insurance. Together, accident insurance, term life insurance and berufsun fghigkeit insurance a good geschnьrtes insurance package may cover, in cooperation with the health insurance all mцglichen consequences of an accident, and so their own future is also in serious financial hgndelbar.

the offer is comparison fьr accident insurance, as well as the berufsun fghigkeit insurance is important.

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Хочу попрацювати за кордоном!допоможіть!. Форум Вінського

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the accident insurance
the personal accident insurance

accidents are in everyday life allgegenw artig. It must be not necessarily always negligence that leads to an accident. Often it is the actions of a third party, which may have consequences. Off possible civil legal claims that can, in this connection, to revive, leaving many consumers on the social network. Whether the mesh are, however, geknupft closely enough, it turns out, usually only in the case of insurance.



  • More: personal accident insurance
  • the

  • accident insurance

the Statutory accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance is a branch of German social insurance and in the course of the reforms of the late 19th century. Century developed. Although you as a 2. Social insurance to the most ancient branches of this area of Provision belongs, it is up to today, for many consumers, more of an unknown Gro?e. One of the reasons is certainly the fact that the membership of the statutory accident insurance proceeds from the Insured himself but to the employer.

the professional disablement insurance

professional inability – it’s a daily risk that each dam aftigten, even experts and professionals. As a risk professional inability is perceived to be, nevertheless, rare. And also the Precautionary genius?t in many households as a priority, which is not the dangers.



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  • the

  • accident insurance

the Other forms of accident insurance

on the Part of the private accident insurance is covered a wide spectrum of different risks. However, the insurance protection does not apply always and everywhere. Specifically, if a cover fails, the question is whether different can be. One of the typical examples of the recreational sports area in this context.



  • More: Other forms of accident insurance
  • the

  • To the occupational inability insurance comparison

the accidents and safety

accidents are unfortunately on the agenda. You followed only the development of the occupational and commuting accidents, which is recorded by the statutory accident insurance in the past few years, 1.178.432 accidents for the year 2010. A number of, on average, more than 3,200 accidents per day, or to 2.24 accidents per Minute. Counting the accidents in the leisure time, so in the home, garden and Co with a, multiplies this value dramatically.

And for a long time is not any accident, but for the Affected lightly. Often, severe health damage is the result, which took place over years and decades to restrictions. For the Concerned, the restrictions, in some cases with disabilities or other restrictions by the time of the Accident suffering, it is not only a personal suffering time. Often, the accident also brings a financial cut-backs, for example, if the earning capacity suffers as a result.

What is at all an accident? You can protect yourself against the risks that arise? And how one should behave in the event of an accident?

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Збір ягід у Фінляндії . Поїздки у Фінляндію з Санкт-Петербурга. У Фінляндії на машині швидко, дешево і з комфортом.

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the accident insurance

The accident insurance pays a lump sum benefit and/or pension, if it comes in a result of an accident to a permanent Invalidism. Accident insurance is therefore an important and good protection when it comes to their own life circumstances to adapt to all of a sudden and unexpectedly entering restrictions. The payments of accident insurance can be used to house or car to rebuild disability or re — Training & rehabilitation costs to cover. Accident insurance is therefore very important.

Since the accident insurance does not offer protection against the consequences of serious illness, accident insurance is not a suitable substitute for other Income security, such as berufsunf ahigkeits or invalidity insurance. Because, in particular, for children income backups are only limited available, particularly for children, on accident insurance, affordable and comprehensive cover. For children a good accident insurance is essential.

The Performance of accident insurance policies is determined in addition to the sum insured, from the Progression, and the dismemberment schedule. The dismemberment schedule assigns each section of the body a percentage of the refund rate. The gro?draughty the dismemberment schedule is determined, this percentage refund rates, the higher the performance in the case of loss or invalidity of conditional restriction of the respective body portion (e.g., loss of the leg). The dismemberment schedule is therefore of particular importance in the case of accident insurance. In particular, professional images in specific body areas of special fine mechanical conditions depend (e.g. the Finger at the surgeon), should be considered a accident insurance with a specially adapted dismemberment schedule. The Progression of increases to the insured services, in particular in the case of severe invalidity actions. The higher the Progression, the strong, the performance increases with the Severity of the accident. With the help of a high Progression, in particular, severe accidents can be therefore inexpensive to insure. The most important Disclaimers in accident insurance relate to the risks, the dangers erhohende recreational & professional activities occur. So dive accidents, flight accidents, or accidents in the mountain are, for example, rise in the majority of cases not covered by this insurance. In the accident insurance, additional services can be co-insured. The most Important are:



  • benefits for accidental death
  • the

  • hospital daily cash and convalescence of money
  • the

  • services for cosmetic surgery
  • the

  • is a transition or emergency services

How important these benefits are, depends on the circumstances of the person’s Life and the expectation.

insurance categories:

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Робота в Іспанії вакансії для росіян і українців без знання мови Хороша

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the accident insurance — personal accident insurance compare

A private accident insurance offer financial protection for you and your family are protected against the financial consequences of an accident. An accident insurance can prevent natural, no accidents. Correctly and dimensioned to have private accident insurance can protect selected but at least the financial consequences of the accident-related Invalidity. The following accident insurance comparison you should use, therefore, necessarily the for to find effective accident insurance.

the Private accident insurance comparison

At about eight million Accidents occur in the course of a year in Germany, a Private accident insurance. You heard none of the statutory accident insurance, should accident, in any case, a Private insurance final?en.

are So secured by law, for example, only children in Kindergarten or students of the University against the risks of an accident. Also Schuler while insured for your school visit, or apprentices, legally Accident. This accident insurance, but only in power, when time and place meet the conditions of insurance. Accident insurance is mainly for household tatige and small children, if you do not visit a Kindergarten, is important. In each of these risk groups, there is no legal accident insurance.

happen According to statistics from the Federal Institute for labour protection, around 60 % of all accidents in the leisure time. Therefore, a Private accident insurance is recommended also for children, students, Berufstatige warmstens. Berufstatige are covered by an occupational inability insurance, but in the case of certain risks to the Private accident insurance, additional protection. For example, could be due to a pre-existing condition or a high occupational accident risk, no occupational inability insurance is protected, the Affected by the Private accident insurance.

The insurance companies define an accident with the following wording:“If the Insured by a suddenly of an au?on the body acting event suffers involuntarily, a health damage“. A performance of the accident insurance provides, however, only if there is a permanent physical impairments Chapter. In contrast to the statutory accident insurance are provided from the lowest invalidism degree services. There are also well-defined criteria for exclusion, which the insurance does not cover damage.

This is the case for example in the case of self-mute, frostbite, poisoning, emotional disorders, and in the case of a hernia, by the Lifting of heavy loads was drawn. For children provides, in addition to a private accident policy with additional invalidity insurance. Thus, the consequences of which are secured far-reaching diseases, either as a single lump sum or in the Form of a lifelong pension. For young people accident and pension insurance, as additional insurance is advisable. In the case of permanent Invalidity of over 50 percent, you will pay a monthly pension. And this to the end-of-life.

The Private accident insurance can be completed with some additional options. For example, with a Progression in gro?eren invalidism degrees, or with an improved dismemberment schedule. A Private accident insurance is also offered with a contribution refund. As additional options of accident insurance, a hospital can money, or the cost of acquisition in the case of recovery costs. Cosmetic surgery or a kurkosten allowance are also insurable. In the case of the use of public transport can be insured in the Private accident insurance is the so-called Okoleistung.

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Збір грибів та ягід у Фінляндії, Фінляндія 2015. Все про Фінляндії. Відпочинок, шопінг, робота, навчання.

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the accident insurance and health insurance: The difference

25. January 2013 editorial

Both the accident insurance, as well as the health insurance take care of the health Living of the policyholder. The exact difference between the services of many people is not clear. We will show you when and what insurance to fill in.

the when to pay the accident insurance?

The accident insurance comes up as the Name only says?for physical damage, have an accident as the cause. The term «accident » is defined by the insurance is relatively straightforward. the It is a plotzliches and of au?s on the body event, which the Person concerned suffers permanent health damage. It is also important that the accident occurs involuntarily.

Depending on the conditions of insurance are excluded from certain hazards from insurance coverage or will only be insured against a Risk premium. For this purpose, classified Hobbies like skydiving can include, for example, as a risk of jumping, hang-gliding or car racing. There are, depending on the provider even more Disclaimers, such as accidents due to to be aware of trouble or after a heart attack or stroke.

the The benefits

Which services will be provided in the case of an accident, exactly, depends always from the selected Tariff and the service provider. These are listed in the respective contractual terms and conditions of the insurer carefully. The High level of perceived benefits is always according to the degree of caused by the accident Invalidism .



  • a life-long pension
  • the

  • one-time payment according to the degree of Invalidism
  • the

  • death benefit
  • the

  • hospital daily allowance. Recovery of money
  • the

  • cosmetic surgery
  • the

  • transition power, up to the complete payment

the when to pay the health insurance?

In the case of health insurance, it must be distinguished whether it is a legal or private insurance. The statutory health insurance funds assume the costs for the gro?en a part set by the legislature. In return, the policyholder can determine the private health insurance companies, the insurance protection.

in principle, the health insurance companies take only those costs that arise during a treatment. for This purpose, include in addition to medical services, and expenses for medicines. Why a treatment is required, thereby completely irrelevant. This can be both a physical or mental disease, such as an accident, too.

the The benefits

What relates to the possible benefits, there can be Differences between individual health insurance funds. In the statutory health insurance these are just very minimal. In the case of private insurance, the safe benefits can, however, significantly differ.



  • treatments at the doctor or dentist
  • the

  • reimbursement of medicines
  • the

  • ambulance services
  • the

  • Rehama?comments
  • the

  • treatments

the when it comes to Overlaps?

In some cases, it may happen that the services of the health insurance companies overlap with those of a accident insurance. This is for example the case, if, following an accident cosmetic operations are necessary. These are taken over in the case of medical necessity by most insurance companies. To a treatment upcoming Rehama?took be incorporated in the rule by the health insurance. This is the result of an accident, with the appropriate hedging accident insurance for this purpose. Further Overlaps, the payment of daily sickness benefits, that of two forms of Insurance is offered.

the summary

The benefits of an accident insurance in place in most cases when the ends of health insurance. These are limited to the lasting health consequences after an accident.

During the are health insurance companies in Germany, the mandatory insurance, a private accident insurance on a voluntary Basis.

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Кіровський візовий центр

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the accident insurance-dynamics

As with many insurance policies there are, of course, also in the case of accident insurance, the possibility of insurance benefits automatically each year to the top. For this purpose the insurance broker to agree on a common dynamics.

The dynamics can either be in the Form of a year by a certain percentage-increasing contribution, or the annual adjustment to the insurance benefit by a certain percentage complete.

For the layman, not like both sound the same, but it is not. You agree, for example, a contribution of dynamics to 5 %, do not increase their contributions year after year (to the extent that they contradict) to this percentage. The hei?t but not that the entire power package is increased to 5 %. So you pay in Relation to a smaller increase in performance higher contributions.

Alternatively, you can often complete a performance-based dynamics. In the case, for example, the benefits were to rise by 5%, the contributions but just by a little more than 5 %.

to not recommend dynamics of the accident insurance

The above connection is also the reason not to recommend why any kind of dynamics in the case of accident insurance. You simply pay more than they get for it. In the case of some insurance products, that may make more or less sense. In the case of accident insurance, it makes no sense.

This is simply the fact that the costs of accident insurance are uberschaubar and only due to, for example, age and state of health coupled. The hei?t in the clear text, you can cancel your existing accident insurance at any time and a new, more and bedarfgsgerechtere final?en.

you befurchten must in the normal case, no disadvantages, as it could be, for example, when changing the health insurance to be the case.

the accident insurance to the needs customize

so It is more reasonable and works out cheaper to adapt its accident insurance to the today’s needs and in the case of significant changes a new contract to be concluded?en. A dynamic is in the case of accident insurance does not make sense. In the insurance tips recommended accident insurance of Asstel, there are sensible and fair way to arrange no possibility online such unnecessary momentum.

What is the insurance coverage for your individual needs is appropriate, is calculated on the Basis of their age and in consideration of your insurance needs.

According to a rule of thumb, the Versicherungssume (according to age)



  • in 30 years, six times,
  • the

  • in 40 years, the funffache
  • the

  • 50 years of the four-fold

gross annual income.

If you are 30 years old and 30,000 euros gross earning, an insurance sum of EUR 180,000 Is now, but, for example, a powerful occupational inability insurance, it makes little sense twice and expensive uberzuversichern.

In this case, can be reduced, the sum insured is then significantly reduced and a higher Progression (350-500%). Such a progressive accident insurance can then also in the case of only 60,000 euros insured sum in a cost-intensive the case of a serious or a full-invalidism the same services to offer, such as a linear accident insurance with a high insurance sum./p>

The progressive casualty insurance but have significantly more favorable to meet the hedging aspect in the case of serious accident damage, but just as good, if not better.

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Цікава робота: Робота в Фінляндії збір дикорослих ягід 2010

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the accident insurance cancellation letter

usually, insurance companies properly.Hei wants?the contracts have so-called termination clauses, in which the duration of the contract is held. According to the latest European case law, this may not ubersteigen the maximum allowable period of three years. The conclusion of the contract, the contractor may, for the first time after three years of properly and in time informed the accident insurance. Many insurers have but also about significantly shorter contract periods, typically one year. Here can be denounced observing a three-month period to the end of the contract term. This means that when the contract was completed on 1.1.2013 he can be from the completion date of the deadline until the 31.9.2013 in writing with effect as of 31.12.2013 quit.

Au?extraordinary Begrundungen

Au?extraordinary Termination, the reasons for a contract of insurance there is. If the insurer intent does not fulfill his obligation, so the evidence had to be regulated of which were created by him, the policyholder has a claim to an au?extraordinary termination. Prerequisite properly?e message of the damage and the appropriate period for the insurer to regulate. After warning without response, the cancellation is then possible.

Also in the case of a claim settlement and then?the final increase of the insurance contribution or risk premium, where the policyholder with the au?extreme termination of his contract. In the reverse case, the insurer the contract may, without notice to au?extremely knowledgeable, if the policyholder intent to have made false statements in the contract. For this it is sufficient, for example, in the case of accident insurance to have inaccurate descriptions of state of health, occupation or age. Also changes of this Parameter are immediately admit someone to the accident insurance.

written form, and mail delivery is advisable.

The termination is usually only in written form right and best by registered letter with ruck slip shipping. This can be proven in retrospect in the case of ambiguities, the Writing was on the insurer to dispatch and there also will be accepted. Also Contractual changes in General insurance provisions is permissible. So you can also be Informed by e-mail or Fax by the insurer as legally permissible to be declared. Here’s the proof, however, is much more difficult. As in the case of a legal dispute the termination, the burden of proof on the part of the policyholder, he must therefore prove that the is received by the cancellation deadline of the insurer, should in principle be preferred for the post.

termination letter template

Max Mustermann

pattern Stra?e 1

city, state 12345

insurance companies

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Сезон ягід: скільки отримують збирачі полуниці у Фінляндії?, За кордоном, Rus.

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the accident insurance online, information on accident insurance

accident insurance in case of Makler24

no Matter whether they are salaried or Self-is constant — the working power of the most important capital. An accident before can-temporarily or permanent Einkommenseinbuße result of the fur the Affected and his family is the existence in question, kocan.

the risk of an accident almost anywhere and it can affect anyone — be it at work, in the Straßtraffic, on vacation, playing sports or even at home.

J-a year, around 6.5 million suffer Bundesburger smaller and großere Unfälle.

Approximately 200,000 of these Unfälle fuhren to Arbeitsunf-ability. Of the 6.5 million Unfällen, only 0.5 million, Unfälle in the area of Straßtraffic, f-that would incorrectly suggest fur the unfalltr-the most powerful hält. In contrast, ndash are located &on the H-half of the Unfälle in the leisure and household area, where there is no legal protection such as at work or in school. (In the case of Schulearning and young people there are in the household and the leisure sector, even -about two-thirds of the Fälle)

out of these Grund have decided already -about 40% of all Bundesb-citizens to take out private accident insurance. An accident insurance comparison can provide you the right accident insurance f-to find r. The comparison help you uber the fare and check information and contribution information directly online to the appropriate accident insurance fur you will find.

The accident insurance applies fur Unfälle in the whole world, and — unless otherwise agreed — around-the-clock fur Unfälle in the job and in leisure time.

The accident insurance offers insurance protection against the consequences of Unfällen as Invalidit’t. challenge Prejudice-authorization of the Arbeitsf-the ability of death and hospital stay.

the consequences of This accident, the financial impact; they are fixed by the performance of a accident insurance or mitigated.

As an accident refers to a plouseful of außen Kothe body of the Insured event, whereby he suffers involuntarily, a health threatening-ending.

Unfällen are equivalent:

sprains, strains and Tear at limb’s and the vertebraäule, caused by the effort of the Insured;

wound infection is reached in which the Contamination due to an accident-violation in the Kobody.

In General, the following services -about an accident insurance policy secure:


due to accident, permanent Impairment-authorization from the kophysical or mental Efficiency&capacity is being provided in a single lump sum (with the exception of The Insured has already reached the age of 65. In this case, a pension is provided for payment). The Hohe, the performance depends on the agreed insurance sum and on the degree of Invalidit&t.

the case of death, performance

Fuhrt the accident within one year of the death claim on performance according to the agreed death sum. (Note: in The case of death, performance erfullt is a further function. A Invalidit&mdash is already a short time after an accident;t is foreseeable, the insurer provides in the agreed case of death, performance of a pre-payment.)

hospital daily benefit

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У Фінляндії за полуницею з Петербурга

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the fur äolder people. Pension fur people in advanced old age

custom search

the Bed-needs of Senior citizens

The Bed-needs -is more senior, and julong-term people do not differ in principle — in Detail, however, significantly.

differences in the type and Häfrequency of entertainment, in the planning of your holiday, in the residential situation, the speed of life and in partnerships augenf-completely. The whole wtosimilar daily fur people in advanced age fraught with more hazards than is generally believed. Especially when the kophysical constitutions t-must pay aligned with OJ-check tribute the eyesight, improve sexual functionogen nakhlässt, the coordination of the limbs not more so, of course, it’works. such as at a young age — then Unfälle in the household or in the Straßtraffic are often the result. Such an accident fur -to process older people r young people, fu. The time of suffering and convalescence takes a critical länger, of the stay in a hospital and the resulting lack of exercise let the Dilemma increase.

the accident insurance fur äolder people make sense?

In such situations can take the life a new twist. Also, anyone who has a functioning family and an active life, lives, should, accident insurance, specially fur seniors in. In addition to the «supposed financial benefits, the insurer specifically fur äolder people services, the t-facilitate daily life. These services gooren bring services, financial aid, and the transport locking fur rehab-Maß. A significant advantage of the accident insurance fur the elderly is that this special assistance be immediately provided, wäduring the statutory care insurance provides these services only when the assistance in everyday life must also be half a year after the accident. A further Form of the fur the «older Generation of customized performance of the senior loan. This credit berutaken into account, in particular Maße, the special circumstances of pensioners and the retired.

The Internetpräsenz herbstliebe.info provides a free platform fur the interests of «older people. You kocan this website support-support by referencing you. -> advertising

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Фіни впали в полуничну ейфорію.. НТВ.Ru

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the accident insurance settlement
the Our services overview
the Our promise

We understand that it takes a lot of trust to products which is to be procured on the Internet?en. Therefore, we strive especially that you are satisfied, and our Service on an ongoing basis through customer evaluate.

In Austria all workers, employees, workers, service holders and also slightly to the dam accident concern by law to be insured. The statutory accident insurance covers accidents that happen during working hours and on the way to work. Free-time accidents, however, are not covered. Of course, the health insurance does stays also in the case of Accidents, the cost of hospital and other medical costs. However, Invalidism, for example, by free-time accidents, or salvage costs not included in the statutory insurance. Here is a personal accident insurance provides for sufficient protection.

the personal accident insurance

A private accident insurance covers in principle all areas of life, worldwide and around the clock valid and in every situation the optimal insurance gives you protection. The main performance of the accident insurance is the financial protection in case of Invalidism. However, it is also possible that other modules, such as accidents Incurred as a result of epileptic, salvage and jerk holkosten, cosmetic surgery, or bone fracture-money in the private accident insurance einzuschlie?en.

the accident insurance saves you compare the money
to find

To the best individual accident insurance, is worth of accident insurance comparison. These can be sailed with just a few clicks online. You simply determine the desired scope of coverage, enter some data in the accident insurance calculator to those with vision.at a and the for you suitable offers. In a few minutes, you can save up to 200€. The use of the comparison calculator is for you completely free of charge and without obligation.

the accident insurance online, compare and the same final?en by peek.at

Our accident insurance calculator is easy to use. First you enter some data about your Person and the desired insurance protection.

After that, you can individually on request of the insured events, as well as the scope of the accident insurance selections. To pay for the events, including heart attack, poisoning, Impffolgen and Similar. Examples for the scope of dental, treatment to be cost and cure, salvage and jerk holkosten mentioned. In a last step, you can ev. Discounts selections.

In the terminal shows you the insurance calculator the result with the premium ranked Offered by the insurer. You can then in compare the offers and the for you selections correct product or online final?en. To do this, you can simply print the request or the contract documents to be by us sent to you. The documents fill in and send us back. The rest of the formalities that we do and ensure that at the completion of all due to expire. This Service is for you yourself to understand free of charge.

Should you have any computer questions concerning your accident insurance or our accident insurance, please contact our Service-Team. We are under the number 01/ 30 60 900 here for you and will gladly help you.

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